Divine Trek is a blog exploring how disruptive theology can bring us to a greater realization that the Kingdom of God can be and should be in the here and now.

Disruptive Theology is the exploration of what could be a revolutionary expression of the Kingdom of God inside of our daily life.  Our encounters with God should disrupt our comfortable lives and drive us to make our communities better and safer places.



My life was disrupted. Not all disruptions are bad and this one was not.  June, 25th 2013 we welcomed our son into our family which obviously changed our lives forever.  Our son was a welcome addition and true blessing.  He was born healthy and we brought him home a couple days later.
Now every couple who welcomes a child knows that life changes and most of those changes are obvious and even expected.  Yet there are others that are not expected or obvious.  The birth of a child can disrupt a person beyond one’s wildest imaginations and in ways that can challenge preconceived ideas about life, the universe, and everything. That is what happened and continues to happen for me.  The birth of my son has disrupted my theology and it still continues to evolve.  This blog is primarily dedicated to exploring now my view of reality and theology has been disrupted because of the greatest gift ever, my son.  These blogs will be a mix of how my theology and view of God has changed over the last three years and how it will hopefully continue to be disrupted.
I invite you to join me on this journey and may what has challenged me to push you also to passionately pursue God and his Kingdom.


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